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Payment Gateway

Internet & Mobile Marketing has seen a high rise in demand from year to year .  The last few years witness an exponential increase in businesses advertising and marketing utilization over the internet & mobile industry.

Internet marketing offers an excellent opportunity for businesses to reduce costs, lower its risks and exposure to unlimited global market.

At Amphamo,  we want to boost regional e-commerce and provide solutions for one-click payment, which would convert into a competitive advantage for our merchants.

Why Choose Us


Multi Currency & Extensive Gateway Features provide seamless international purchases in most currencies.


No complicated application and installation to start up mobile or online payment.


Proven Fraud Prevention System & Monitoring in over 14 years has resulted in fraud ratio far below the industry threshold.

We provide various of payment solution included Alipay, Wechat Pay, Touch n Go pay and others online payment to our merchants.


These are a few questions you should to decide which payment gateways provider has what you actually need.

  • What is your targeted market? (Which country? or people, age group etc)
  • The currency of your targeted market? (For Malaysia, it’s MYR, For Singapore, it’s SGD etc)
  • Does it support multiple currencies? (USD? AUD? EUR? GBP? MYR? SGD?)
  • Is the payment gateway service provider well known and trust-worthy in your targeted market?
  • How soon can you get back the money and will it affect your cashflow?

Which Payment Gateway is more Suitable for me?

  1. I’m a new online merchant and I’m still wondering which payment gateway provider would be more suitable for my new emerging business?
  2. I’ve been in the online business for years and I’m considering on setting up a payment gateway for my webstore. But there’s a lot of transactions going on in my webstore every day, and I was wondering which package wouldbenefit me the most.
  3. I was thinking of going for a more budgeted solution, and I would like to know more about the packages provided.

Can’t decide? Then why not give us a call!

If you are as indecisive as the merchants above, why not consult our friendly ecommerce consultants? We will provide some TIPS and SAMPLES on how to choose a payment gateway plan to suit your business. We are more than happy to see you succeed in your ecommerce venture.

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