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Beauty Influencers Services

The challenge these days for marketers is that consumers have developed “advertisement blindness” from the bombardment of multi-channel and omni-channel, having ads and branded content shoved in their faces.

Our strategy revolves around the effectiveness of micro-influencers, who are able to bridge the gap and capture attention amongst their segments of followers.

Genuine people, Genuine Stories, Genuine Engagements and relatable experiences translating in higher conversions.

We truly works on influencer marketing, a term used to describe “marketing that focuses on using an individual’s influence to amplify your brand’s message“.

In other words, rather than target a whole group of potential customers, influencers—who ideally already have a relationship and the trust of their audience—are engaged to tell the brand’s story.

Influencer marketing is actually a variant of celebrity marketing, which many would be more familiar with. Think Nicole Kidman and Chanel No. 5, or even David Beckham’s unforgettable H&M underwear endorsement.

In terms of influencer marketing, some celebrities are influencers. They are able to connect and engage with their audience to encourage certain behaviours or opinions.

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